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Happy New Year to all Bargaining Unit I Members!  This is your Union, FOP, we are excited to serve you and your needs moving forward.  I wanted to take a moment to let you know that in the coming weeks we will be organizing and prioritizing items to be bargained for.  What I would like to impress upon all of you is that the more members we have, the more effective we will be as your representative.  Not to mention, having all of you covered by our legal defense plan, gives us the best ability to protect you individually.  Take a moment to think about investing in your future by joining FOP!  Also keep in mind, FOP members will be the ones voting on what is targeted for the Bargaining Session that is coming up in the next month or so.  Those votes will be instrumental in shaping what the Collective Bargaining Agreement looks like for the next 2 years, so join now to make your vote part of the future of our bargaining unit.

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