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Legal defense coverage mandate

There are a lot of questions coming my way as to LOR’s and who is covered. First off, let me assure you that the following response from legal defense has infuriated our Lodge 21 board members, FOP State Lodge board members, and the Associates Lodge board members. I was told today that based off of what legal defense received, they are setting the deadline for coverage on the mandate issue for September 15th, 2021. That deadline means if you were not covered by legal defense prior to the 15th, you are not covered. I expressed my displeasure with this decision. I also expressed that not everyone received this mandate on the same day. I also sent them a copy of the email authored by Chief Leathers, which was dated 9-17-21. If you received a denial of legal defense benefits, you can send an appeal reply to the denial email you received. If you send an appeal, be sure to include evidence and justification as to why you did not receive the mandate on the 15th or the 17th.

While we have no control over the legal defense board members decision, we are going to send a letter for reconsideration. This board is made up of law enforcement officers. My hope is that they will listen to reason and experience. I will be consulting with board members across the state of Nevada prior to submitting the letter. My intent Is to at least get this date moved to October 25th, the date upon which a violation of said mandate would have taken place. Furthermore, I intend to establish that they should cover any future incidents since they are separate orders. By that I mean when you received an LOR, they made another order to comply with the letter of reprimand. I will keep you all updated as things progress.

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