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Mandate lawsuit part 2

this was submitted by one of our members and I asked an attorney and he said, 100% follow these steps if you are rejected for a religious exemption.

If anyone is as denied a religious or medical accommodation by the NDOC, and or is subjected to any disciplinary action or processes, they should immediately file a discrimination complaint with either the Nevada Equal Rights Commission and or the US EEOC. You must utilized these processes in order to civilly sue the state and NDOC. If after an investigation concludes that the employer discriminated against you, the Us EEOC will issue you a letter that authorized you to sue the employer. The US EEOC may also fine and ir sue the NDOC on your behalf. These processes take a significant amount of time, usually several months. It is important to collect and retain any and all documentation to assist the investigators. This would be in addition to any other legal process that are occurring, including, disciplinary processes, personnel hearings, injunctions, or lawsuits to get your job back.

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