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Meeting highlights

Today we held our monthly meeting. The most significant business is the increase in union dues. The motion that was held over from the May Lodge meeting was discussed and passed with unanimous support. Dues will increase to $40 per check starting with the first check in August. This date was picked in order to allow the raises to happen before the dues increase occurs. Another carry over motion was amended and passed unanimously to allow new cadets to join FOP while in the academy without paying the initial membership fee. This will be for a trial period until the end of 2023. If this is successful it may be continued indefinitely at that point.

Safety and security issues were discussed as well. There are growing concerns with the staffing crisis and the reduction of required staffing. We also discussed the need for CBA and representative training for all board members and stewards.

We will need to establish a trustee at each of the major prisons and mental health facilities. There is also one important concept that all members need to understand. FOP is the voice of the officers, but we are not the mouthpiece to address every situation for you. You as our brothers and sisters must first exercise your voice through the chain of command, before involving FOP. If you are unsuccessful at the DD level, we can get involved. That doesn't mean we will not advise members on how to proceed, but you have to be willing to stand up and exercise your rights.

The membership is growing at a rapid pace and we are happy to report the lodge has grown by 60% since December 29th!!! Let's keep it up brothers and sisters. Make sure everyone you work with is covered and protected by FOP. All of the bargaining unit should be investing in their future. As Vice President Thompson put it so perfectly, we need to promote the concept of SOLIDARITY among all of our officers.

As always the meeting minutes will be completed and sent out to all members.

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