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Meeting with the Director today

Today I met with Director Dzurenda and DD Wickham. We went over the proposed changes to mandatory overtime. After discussion, we have come to a tentative agreement for how this will happen moving forward. We also discussed the idea of on call officers. On call officers would be a list of volunteers who agreed to be on call on their days off for certain shifts. There would be on call pay and if you are called in you would have to go in to work. This would likely be very short notice, and if you refused or did not answer the call 3 times, you would no longer be eligible for on call status. He has asked us to develop a protocol for on call officers, which we will be drawing up in the near future.

Lethal Force- We are at an impasse with getting a lethal force platform in secured unit control rooms. However, Director Dzurenda is more than happy to facilitate more effective rounds for the non lethal launchers. Anyone from training that wants to chime in and provide high velocity alternatives or some other more effective round that we can incorporate into our units, please draw up the details and contact me.

12's- The Director has stated that 12's are something that we can look at on a trial basis for 24/7 posts only. This seems to make it feasible to try at all the institutions. There will be a survey monkey to gauge interest among officers. Be sure to take it, to have your input considered.

Count Procedure- They are in the process of changing the current count procedure back to something that more closely resembles our previous count procedure. We were in agreement that the current count procedure does not make much sense. Be patient, this will change in the near future.

Critical Rehires- they are doing them, but they needed to check into if it's geographically limited at this time. They are supposed to send me the written procedure and look into making sure that we are utilizing this in all parts of the state.

Meet and Confers- They are in agreement that meet and confers, as well as safety meetings should take place at every institution. They also believe that the union should be involved in these. Currently we have staff in place to do these at every institution except ESP AND FMWCC. We have enough reps in the Vegas area to have someone go to womens, but it would be best to have a designated union steward there to collect staff concerns and address them with the warden. So, anyone from ESP or FMWCC that would like to be an active union member and participate in this capacity get with me.

Legislative efforts- This will be addressed by the director at our Lodge meeting on Sunday.

Camp closures- He will address this as well Sunday, but TCC AND ECC are going to close. ESP, PCC, HCC, are not closing and WSCC is not reopening for now.

Range- Mid-term they are getting a contract for remediation and the other needs of the range. They are also putting in for capital improvements to build a new range for the long term. Another long term development is that the National Guard is building a range in N. Las Vegas and DPS AND NDOC, will have access to use this range if necessary. Likely that one is a couple years out.

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We do need to push for 12s more. Working 8 hour shifts is a hidden tax on the staff. We drive to work 10 times per pay period vs only 7 times. Multiply that by 26 pay periods. Thats driving 182 times to work per year vs 260 times. It's a big difference in gas and wear/tear savings on a vehicle. This should be advertised more to all staff. We can give ourselves an immediate post-tax pay raise just by switching to 12s.


Why don’t we use what the police use which is the bean bag shot gun seems pretty good puts people on the floor and what’s 24/7 post? Isn’t all our units 24/7

Replying to

Bean bag rounds would be great, but the whole shotgun thing is in the past for now. 24 hour a day posts, 7 days a week. No not all posts are 24/7. Gun rails, extra floor officer positions, property, visiting, etc.

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