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All Members who have something to say that you would like others to know about FOP, post it here. I have received a lot of wonderful feedback throughout the years and I would love for all of you to post it here for others to get an idea of what FOP is about through your eyes. This is new so we will experiment with how to best use this section of the website, but lets start with this. Click on the more button and go to the forum to post your experience with FOP.

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FOP DISCOUNT ON GUNS??? What will they do next?

"NEVADA Tactical" located at 3776 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV, is offering Lodge 21 members a great discount option for class A uniforms, and other equipment. Your very own Chairman of Trustees, J

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I left and only came back because I heard F.O.P. was representing us. In just a matter of months F.O.P. has done more than ASFME or NDOC has done in years!

It's actually a reality that we'll be able to feed our families without literally killing ourselves, doing overtime to do so.

Thank all of you who do the groundwork for us officers to finally be treated fairly.

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