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Motions and Business from todays Lodge Meeting

The following are the motions and outcomes of the votes on the motions that occurred today during the monthly lodge meeting. I would like to add some information for all members to consider. When it comes to the financial well being of the lodge and the ability to effectively negotiate with the state, we have to be capable of investing resources in the future of our Lodge. This will come with the shared responsibility of all bargaining unit members joining the lodge. We should not ask 40% of the bargaining unit to pay for 100% of the benefits that FOP is delivering. Talk to your fellow officers and forensic specialists, explain to them the protections that our legal defense plan provides. Educate them as to what we have done in collective bargaining, by delivering the largest raise in the history of the NDOC to all compensation. Protections above and beyond what NRS 289, Peace Officer Rights, provides. A mandatory overtime policy that is fair for all and the list goes on and on. A contract that delivers what all officers deserve and we are still fighting for more. We are not satisfied resting with what we already have, so we are pursuing even more for all of you. This will not be the end of the story, there will be growing pains, there will be resistance to the contract, and we will be faced with filing legal action against those who do not wish to abide by the CBA. FOP has delivered on every promise and there is no questioning our resolve. The representation that you all deserve as well as the expertise that our board has delivered time and time again, comes at a cost. We absolutely deliver on the very definition of UNION REPRESENTATION. Invest in your future, and spread the word, all bargaining unit members need to join to become the strongest union we can be.

MOTION: by Brother Prater 2nd by Brother Whittaker

To amend the current policy of representing Non-Members

Current policy: $1k retainer and $250 per hour and ONE free representation if they join the union.

Change to: $3k retainer, $300 per hr. and NO free representation.



MOTION: Brother Whittaker no 2nd or vote happened.

Proposed: Raising dues to $40 per check from the current $21 -

effective 8/1/23 after the members start receiving the pay raises negotiated on the CBA.

Vote pending so that all members can be notified by email and on the blog, and have the opportunity to vote at the June meeting.

He proposed this dues increase to our current and future liabilities, collective bargaining bills, fact finding expenses (approx. $7500 + lawyers’ fees $2500) per incident, arbitration fees for contract grievances, lawyer fees for handling non-disciplinary grievances, and compensation for board members. With the current dues structure, we do not have enough money each month to fight for any new issues that arise or to fight any CBA violations that may and will arise from the new contract.

It was mentioned that School Police pay $90 per month with no Legal/// Metro $78 // previous CO union was 1% of your check and NO Legal Defense Plan representation.



MOTION: Brother PRATER 2nd by Brother Whittaker

To amend the bylaws so that all members have the right to ratify all CBA's.

Current : there is no policy


"All FOP Nevada CO Lodge 21 members will have the opportunity to vote on Collective Bargaining

Agreements (CBA's) negotiated by & for FOP Nevada CO Lodge 21 members. When it pertains to ratifying CBA contracts for its members."



MOTION:: Brother Whittaker 2nd Brother Thompson

To sponsor the Toe Tag Monologue group - non-monetary sponsorship

They are a group of kids who perform short skits dealing with traumatic incidents that affect children.

Example: school shootings



MOTION: Brother Whittaker 2nd Brother Prater

To hire a bookkeeper/accountant by 7/1/23 to make sure we are recording all expenses and following all the tax rules to retain our Non-Profit status and to file our taxes as needed at the end of the year. The upcoming fiscal year will present a much more complex tax recording for Lodge 21 that requires professional attention.

A survey will be conducted on possible candidates and the prices will be presented at the June membership meeting for the Union to vote on which one to choose.

Current : there is no bookkeeper/accountant

VOTED AND PASSED UNANIMOUSLY - pending choosing the accountant.


MOTION: Brother Dicus 2nd Brother Allen-Ricksecker

A motion was made by Brother Dicus to start paying the board members who do not currently work as an officer for the NDOC a salary for the work that they do.

Brother Dicus motioned $4k for the President and $2k for the Secretary.

It was revised to $2k and $1k effective immediately and will be automatically changed to the original $4k & $2k in August, if the dues increase is passed at the June Lodge Meeting.

He suggested this because of all the work that has and is put in by these Board members who have been working for the past 5 years on fighting for officers and finally winning the right to be their official Union. Other board members will reap the benefits of the collective bargaining contract, whereas these two board members do not have that luxury or benefit..



MOTION: Brother Dicus 2nd Brother Staggs

To waive the initial membership fee for new members if they join while still in the academy starting in August.

Defer implementing and voting until the June meeting.

VOTE - pending June meeting

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