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Murder at ESP

Yesterday when inmates were let out for tier in unit 7 at ESP, two white inmates stabbed another white inmate to death. Unconfirmed reports are that the victim was a gang member from an ONS offshoot group. The assailants were AW's. Allegedly the victim was due to be released in a month and had history that caught up with him. Further reports are that the tier time was the result of pressure on the NDOC to move away from solitary confinement. Most importantly we should all take a moment to be reminded how dangerous our job is. No matter how short staffed, no matter how rushed you feel, and no matter if it makes someone else upset, never cut corners. Do not skimp on security functions because they are inconvenient. Always be aware of where your brothers and sisters are during your shift. Be safe and take care of each other.

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12 juil. 2023

 this is what happens when you give inmates what they want

En réponse à

Not always, but you’re right in this case.

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