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Murder at HDSP

This morning while segregation exercise was going on, it is being reported to me that a Hispanic inmate escaped from his seg cage and stabbed an African American inmate to death in his seg cage. Some of the details are still unclear, but no officers were hurt during this incident. The murder took place after both inmates, along with other inmates, were secured in their respective seg cages. Officers were informed by the control room officer to go outside where they found the unresponsive inmate. Subsequently, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was called to investigate.

Now you know those officers still walking around saying, "why would I join FOP? I get the same thing without paying for membership." Take notice, a union representative cannot represent you during a criminal investigation. Thank the lord that these officers are FOP Members and will not come out of pocket for an attorney to represent them. You know damn well they will be investigated. Everyone likes to say well I follow the rules, I search the inmates, and I search the yard... Guess what none of those things will stop the state from investigating you. I am assured that these searches occurred today, but inmates figure out a way around those searches. Guess where they will be looking to place the blame. If you have not joined FOP and you are just on the website/Facebook page to be a tourist, I strongly suggest you take a long hard think about joining a union that has benefitted you already and will protect you in the event you find yourself as a victim of circumstance. As we like to say, it's not "if", but "when" you will need representation. Be safe and take care of each other!

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Those officers will be fired and sued. Thank goodness we got FOP to get them whole again.


21 thg 8, 2023

Yup! And let’s not forget civil cases against officers! That can be just as bad as a criminal investigation as that can hurt your livelihood even if you don’t get fired! 80 dollars a month is what helps me sleep good at night knowing I’m FOP and btw thanks to Nathan Echevarria and the rest of FOP boosting my pay to 90 k per year. I need to buy Nathan a drink one of these days just because he’s earned it!

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