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Muster Pay

I had a meeting with the Director and DD's a while back where among other things, we discussed the muster pay issues, including camps, supervisors clocking exact time, and smaller institutions getting less. The following email has been issued to all administrators by DD Tristan:

From: David Tristan <>

Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2023 4:01 PM

To: Brian E. Williams <>; Nethanjah Breitenbach (Childers) <>; Gabriela Najera <>; Tim R. Garrett <>; William Reubart <>; William Gittere <>; Benu Clark <>; Gregory Carter <>; James Nagelhout <>

Cc: James Dzurenda <>; Kristina Shea <>; Harold Wickham <>

Subject: Muster Pay


Hello All,


This is to clarify any confusion regarding “Muster Pay.”  It is my understanding that some Sergeants and/or Lieutenants are clocking staff as they at the entrance or gatehouse. Sergeants and Lieutenants do not need to clock staff in or out for the purpose of “Muster Pay.” I am issuing this directive after discussions with the AG and HR as well as others who were involved in the settlement of the case involving Muster Pay as follows:


Correctional Officer Trainees, Correctional Officers, Senior Officers, Sergeants, and Lieutenants, at every institution/facility/camp, in addition to their assigned work shift period(s), will receive 45 minutes of additional “muster” work time per contiguous work shift or shifts. “Muster” work time is compensation for their time from clearing gatehouse security, walking/traveling to shift command, receiving their work assignme

nt, obtaining or returning custody equipment, walking/traveling to the location of their initial work assignment, receiving or reporting custody related information and/or instructions (either by the shift supervisors or the personnel of the on-coming/off-going shift, or both), and then exiting from the location of their last work assignment to walk/travel back to the gatehouse following the end of their last contiguous work shift or shifts. 


Cadets in the Academy are not elidable for muster pay.  


Hopefully, an AR providing more details will be forthcoming.


David Tristan

Deputy Director of Operations

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