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New pages on the website!!

Be advised we have some new pages on the website for your benefit. One is the forum page, where you can ask questions or share your experiences with FOP, for other members and future members to see. We appreciate every compliment and praise that you have given us over the years. Help us out by posting in the forum for all to see.

Officer wellness page has a bunch of great resources if any of you are having a difficult time and need to talk to a professional. There will be times when you may not feel comfortable talking to a coworker or someone from FOP. These resources are here for your support.

Workers compensation page. If you have a workers comp issue, including a heart lung bill claim and are denied, these lawyers offer a discount on the contingency fee for fighting your case. They are very reputable attorneys around Vegas, but they can most likely work cases all around Nevada. Their flyer and link is on this page.

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