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Be on the lookout for news stories that I was interviewed about today for the escape. Channel 3 in Vegas(NBC) and channel 8 in Vegas(CBS). If the Admin and Governor didn't like me before they're really gonna hate me now! Oh and I am scheduled to do a live interview tomorrow with Dan Abrams, Live on News Nation. That's sometime around or after 6pm Vegas time.

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Unknown member
Sep 29, 2022

Great job, Lunkwitz. Give that garbage department hell. I'm sure they're gonna try to pinpoint the cause of the escape on a new C.O. Don't forget to mention that count procedures aren't followed by supervisors on graveyards and Officers are discouraged to follow the health and welfare check count at 9:30. Maybe they can look into Ofc. Marcano's log entries during the health and welfare counts. They literally told him to count an inmate even though he couldn't see him. Anyway, good luck with your interview tomorrow.

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