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October FOP Signup Special

October will mark the 4 year birthday of FOP Lodge 21. To celebrate our lodge's birthday and recent successes, we have voted to waive the initial membership fee for all new members from October 1st through October 31st. So in order to join FOP all you have to do is fill out the three forms on the membership page of our website:

starting October 1st, 2023.

This is far and away the easiest it has ever been to join FOP Lodge 21 and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the FOP Legal Defense Plan. Not to mention we are launching our uniform discount program for members in the next couple of days. We are also working on getting a discounted Vest program, which will provide Hybrid stab/ballistic vests for FOP members at a discounted price.

****TEASER****you will be able to purchase a fully patched and embroidered Propper BDU uniform(shirt and pants) for just under $80 out the door. We also will have Tru Spec for a few bucks more, and 5.11 Tactical which are more expensive, but I'm told quite a bit cheaper than other vendors in Nevada.

So.......for those of you who weren't impressed with the media exposure of the NDOC, the accountability of administrators, the CBA, the Raises to over $100K in total compensation this year, the $110k plus next year, the best legal defense plan there is, I ask you, how can you afford to NOT join your UNION? Invest in your future, be a part of our family, and know that we are working our asses off to make sure we do everything we can to protect and serve those of you who protect and serve our community! Be safe and take care of each other!

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