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Officer assaulted at SDCC

Details are still being confirmed, but an officer was jumped this evening July 2nd and sustained serious injuries. The officer was taken to concentra for medical attention. Brothers Whittaker and Nikolas are on the way to check on the officer and make sure they have anything they need. The officer has expressed that they are ok.

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Of course this happening if they only get a couple days locked down. Inmates have threatened to cause a ruckus if they don't get there way and they're given their way! Ain't no way a officer gets jumped and there's no strong message sent. That's crazy!


Officers who are assaulted should also be cleared by mental health before being cleared as well as a medical provider

Replying to

I am already in talks with DD Shea to develop a crisis response program for officers for all mental health issues, not just assault. You are right it is desperately needed and we just had a meeting with a training professional in Massachusetts about putting a group of officers and mental health professionals through his course.


Few days of lock down is not enough for these types of incidents


Call me, VP Thompson, at 702 215 1169


Be advised brothers and sisters...if you are injured and you, or hopefully a "competent" supervisor, feel that you need emergency care immediately, remember that you can opt for emergency care first. Don't let a buffoon at any level tell you that concentra has to be your 1st stop. That is a judgemen call. Remember if you opt for emergency care you will, eventually, have to go to concentra , but you are not required by any workers comp laws to get your temperature taken before you are checked for fractures, concussions, c spine injuries, breaks, ET AL If you get ordered by a superior to do so and you feel like that's a bad idea then IT PROBABLY IS! …

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