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Officer attacks


Brothers and sisters we have had two serious attacks on our fellow brothers and sisters in green. Wednesday at HDSP two officers were attacked by 4 surenos. Today at WSCC 1 Officer was attacked by 11 surenos. At this time we don’t know if they were planned our random. One thing we don’t operate on is coincidence. If there is a green light on all staff by the surenos, we need to be very aware of our circumstances out on the yards. The whole state is Locked down while intel is gathered. Please stay vigilant and watch out for all of our brothers and sisters. Be safe!

President Lunkwitz

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Grievance goes forward on March 4th


Michael Ramos
Michael Ramos
01 de fev. de 2021

Any word on if we're gonna be getting a leathel force option on the yard? Everyone knows we need it!


Membro desconhecido
31 de jan. de 2021

Hey Ward you know some of old timers got no problem slowing shit down & doing it the right way. Safety is never convenient & inmates don't eat, shower, get phone access because of it oh well. Trust me I'll sleep just fine knowing we all went home safe & blah blah blah is hungry. The real battle is dealing with administration scaring staff with bullshit paperwork because they do their jobs right & inmates are not catered to.


Well said brother Ward. I agree 100%.


In light of Officer Lunkwitz's most recent post with DPS update on surreno attacks, It is a blessing that no Officer state wide has suffered a life threatening injury, for those who are working positions that require close contact with the inmate population especially escorting officers and unit floor officers you MUST recognize your surroundings, know where coverage to assist you is, and understand that you need to remain alert, be focused and ready to protect yourself and fellow officers at any moment as if your lives depend on it because it does. An attack can happen anywhere to include staff office or through a food flap, so even when serving chow be sure to follow guidelines, and require tha…

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