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Our first FOP Hero Award Winner!

Please take a moment to read the story of our Brother Joshua Collins. Josh has had multiple commendations for various instances of valor. Josh truly embodies the spirit of a FOP Hero. If you have a chance to tell him in person, please take a moment to express your appreciation for his honorable act in saving the life of a victim of a car accident. Josh I salute your heroism, thank you for being a great example and a hero!

-President Lunkwitz

On 11/10/23, Josh was traveling on I-80 near Verdi where he witnessed a single vehicle Accident occur in the opposite travel lane. the vehicle struck the cable lane divider and the vehicle spun back into the roadway coming to rest on the shoulder of the road. Josh got off on the next exit and pulled over to offer medical aid. He asked the driver questions to check the alert and oriented status, but the driver of the vehicle appeared to be incoherent and have an altered mental status. The driver began to have multiple seizures, Josh counted the duration of each seizure and provided cervical spine immobilization “C-Spine” The driver became unresponsive. Thinking quickly, Josh checked for pulse and respiration but found neither were present. He determined CPR was necessary during the process of CPR the driver regained consciousness. Once EMS arrived, they took control of the scene.


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Feb 19

Congratulations! Definitely well deserved and glad to have Collins on our team!



Good job Josh. Proud of you…!


Ty Davis
Ty Davis
Feb 16

He's is outstanding partner and friend keep up the good work my brother.

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