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Over 500 Stong!!!!

Brothers and Sisters, it is my pleasure to tell you that FOP Nevada C.O. Lodge 21 has just hit a milestone for membership! We have just jumped past the 500 current member mark for the first time in our history!!! We have been able to do this thanks to a great team that has spread the word and made the effort to educate people on the value of membership. Huge thanks to my board members and stewards old and new!!! Also a big thank you to our members who have kept the conversation going amongst your peers!!! This is a vital part of our growth as a union and you all have the opportunity to share your stories and experiences with FOP, amongst your peers. Our members are the Lodge's greatest resource, you have the power to enlighten our brothers and sisters. Help them understand that they can protect themselves while investing in their future. We were able to secure a great contract with limited resources and 300+ members. Just imagine what we could do with over a thousand members investing in their future!!!! Stand proud knowing that with your support and solidarity, we are well on the way to becoming one of the most powerful unions in law enforcement!

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