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Paycheck Issue

Below you will see the language from the memo issued by the Director of the Department of Administration regarding the pay discrepancies. They are aware, they are working on it, and yes you will get your full compensation.

Assembly Bill 522 of the 2023Legislative Session made a number of significant changes to State of Nevada employee pay that became effective July1st, 2023. While most employee paychecks processed correctly, the Department is aware certain employeeswill not see some changes on their upcoming paycheck dated Friday, July21st, 2023. If your paycheck does not reflect all changes that should apply to you, a correction will be made, and you will receive backpay as soon as possible.

Please note that no action is needed by employees at this time, as the Division ofHuman Resource Management has already identified those affected.

Agency Human Resource representativesand pay clerks will be provided with information regarding what steps, if any, need to be taken in the near future.

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