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Retention Payments

So before everyone starts asking, let me save you some time. The retention payments that officers received were not correct. FOP is aware of it and we are going to pursue this issue immediately. I have already contacted one of the DD's and the explanation I received was that the additional retention payments were not funded. This will likely result in FOP pursuing arbitration and ultimately litigation similar to what we are pursuing on the 3% arbitration award from the previous contract. It is the weekend so I do not expect to hear from our attorney until sometime next week on what our options will be. Rest assured we will fight to get you all exactly what was negotiated in the CBA. I cannot tell you why this always has to be such an ordeal, but we have every intention of enforcing our contract to the letter of the law. Be safe and take care of each other!

*** update*** I just spoke with our attorney and we will be pursuing this fuckery through a union grievance immediately.

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What's the word on the rest of our retention money

Replying to

Nothing yet. Grievance has been filed

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