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Rivera Update!!

I am so happy to tell you all that Rivera is out of surgery and I had the pleasure of speaking with Brother Rivera! He told me he has multiple breaks in his left foot, lower leg, upper leg, scapula, and 10 broken ribs. Our brother has battled through to this point and he feels that he is lucky to be here. I told him about all of the support that you all have been showing through prayer and well wishes. He and his wife both expressed gratitude for everyone’s support. Brother Rivera obviously will have a long road to recovery. They still would like to hold off on the visits for now. A lot of you are asking me about donating to a gofundme and as soon as I get the link from the family, I will post it. Keep those prayers coming and know that the spirit of FOP is truly something special. We are a family and when one of our brothers is down, we rally around him like there is no tomorrow. I believe that it is a miracle he survived that accident. We will be there to make sure he gets the support he needs until the day he needs no further treatment. God bless the Rivera family and god bless all of you. Be safe and take care of each other.

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Thank You for the update. Prayers are with you.


Jun 02




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