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Safety and staffing

After a constructive conversation with Warden Bean at HDSP, FOP has reached an understanding to make sure supervisors and officers will be on the same page with OP 326. As outlined, emergent staffing will result in operational changes. This will be written in a memo by Warden Bean and most likely issued to all staff this Friday. The memo will include directives that will ensure floor officers are not left to roam the tiers alone. Warden Bean has assured us that officers will tour the units in teams in certain quads (5-6), when at emergent staffing. While other quads

(9-12) officers who find themselves alone will monitor the units from secured sallyports. As it is already happening, yard will not happen without gun rails. Certain BMU/SMU units will not run operations if they are not at minimum staffing. This was all made possible after I sent a cease and desist letter(picture included) to the Director, DDO, and Warden Bean. The reason why this occurred is because the officers at HDSP coordinated through their local FOP representatives and provided the necessary examples where the staffing OP was not followed. Thank you to those who spoke up, including Brother Stinehour, Paryga, Thompson, Michael Ford, and other Brothers and Sisters who reached out. Review the letter below and if you have examples throughout other institutions where this may also be resulting in unsafe conditions, communicate with your local FOP Representatives, so we can advocate for you.

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