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As the seniority lists are published for the upcoming shift bid. I feel it may be wise to explain how everything will work. For those of you who started with the NDOC as a correctional officer regardless of rank(COT, CO, SCO) or DHHS Forensic Specialist and you have had no break in service, your seniority will not change. If you started with a different state agency and received seniority as a result of your time worked in another field, you will find that your seniority will be adjusted to include only your time as a category 3 peace officer. If you have had a break in service and since been reinstated, your adjusted seniority will include only your time as an officer. For example, Officer Smith worked 5 years with NDOC as an officer, but resigned and did not work for NDOC for a period of 2 years then Officer Smith came back to work for NDOC and has now worked for the last 2 years as an officer. Officer Smith's adjusted seniority date is 7 years of seniority instead of 9. Your time as an officer matters above all for seniority. This will also apply to SC/O's for seniority. Seniority will not change upon promotion to SC/O. This was contemplated with the idea that more experienced officers should not be punished for promoting, by losing their seniority. If this change affects you negatively, right now, that is unfortunate. During the many times that we had bargaining discussions and strategy sessions in the months leading up to bargaining, membership and the board felt that this was the most fair way to address seniority. There was a lot of input from members that went in to this and we feel that while this will not benefit everyone, this is fair to everyone. Anytime there is change, there will be adjustments made on the pathway forward, but rest assured we listen to the membership when addressing changes. We have a great task ahead of us in trying to bring staffing levels up and maintain them moving forward. Please understand that this journey will not be without difficulty, but we will move toward a better future together. The southern region is already reporting an academy double the size of the current academy to begin after our new brothers and sisters graduate . Be safe and take care of each other.

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