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Sgt’s bargaining unit

This is for Sgt.'s and what they want moving forward in their bargaining unit. I have discussed the idea that our lodge establish a committee made up of Sgt.'s that would address bargaining issues for the newly established bargaining unit for Sgt.'s. Let me be clear, LT's unfortunately do not have a bargaining unit and after discussing this with our attorney, they will not have their own bargaining unit unless it is established by statute in the next legislative session. The state of Nevada decided that administration starts at the rank of Lt. This means that LT's cannot be involved in bargaining on behalf of Sgt's. I wish there was a quick fix to this, but for now we have to work with what we have at our disposal.

What does this mean for Sgt's? If you wish to have Lodge 21 as your designated bargaining representative, we have to petition the EMRB with enough support and membership to attain the status as your bargaining representative.

How would this work?

We would set up a bank account that would receive all of the funds from Sgt's dues, after member expenses and a small portion to Lodge 21. Sgt's would need to establish who is to be on the committee, by way of vote. Their would be a chairman of the committee and either 2 or 4 more committee members. These sgts would be responsible for conducting meetings, developing bargaining concepts, and managing the account and the expenses for the bargaining team.

What needs to happen?

Sgt's need to join in mass numbers and they will need to get their peers who haven't joined to sign a form stating they want FOP Lodge 21 to be their bargaining representative. Sgts will need almost everyone to join, there are roughly 150 Sgt's statewide and there are Forensic Specialist 4's at the mental hospitals, but likely no more than 10. So if we only currently have hypothetically 30/40 Sgts, the ability to pay for legal expenses, etc. will be next to impossible. This leaves the Sgts with some work to do in order to recruit all of their peers in order to provide the necessary funds to effectively represent the bargaining unit.

In order to pursue this for Sgts we need to see an influx of sgts joining lodge 21. We also need to obtain 50% +1 of the bargaining unit to sign that they support Lodge 21 as their representative.

If the Sgt's decide that they would like myself or any of the other bargaining team members to negotiate with them, I can only speak for myself in saying I would accept. I have an idea that there may be others who would be willing to help as well. To judge the interest moving forward, if you are a Sgt only, go to the forum page and answer the Sgt. question with a Yes if you would like Lodge 21 as your bargaining representative.

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