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Specialty pay

Just had a meeting with DD Shea. The specialty pay for FOP bargaining unit members is moving forward and will be addressed early next week, once the wardens submit to her all of the positions that are eligible at each prison, she can perform the calculations and free up the funding. This includes the positions mentioned by name in the CBA. The plan is to start specialty pay by the week of 3-18-24. I will update you all as soon as I hear more.

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09. März

Do you happen to know if Central Transportation North and South has been mentioned? You stated the Wardens will submit all their positions at each prison. We do not have a Warden. Nor are we assigned to a specific prison.

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Antwort an

Yes, the plan is to include trans, as listed in the contract.

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Thank you everyone who work tirelessly to make this happen. It is highly appreciated among all the staff.

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