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State Lodge meeting

  1. I attended the Nevada state lodge meeting this morning via Zoom. There was discussion of the upcoming elections and how law enforcement will be affected. I stress that everyone is entitled to your views on who will best serve in office. I would like to suggest that for the local elections, keep in mind that these positions will impact us directly. For everyone’s information, during the second special session back in July, every Democrat senator voted to strip Peace Officers in Nevada of Peace Officer Rights that they previously voted in unanimously in 2019. This was obviously in response to media pressure to “reform”(remove protections) law enforcement. This doesn’t mean that every Republican will have our best interests in mind, but it’s something to consider. The state FOP conference will be in January and we get 1 delegate for every 50 members after 25. The same goes for the National conference next year in August. The more members we have the more votes we have for State Lodge issues. For the state of Nevada, we are currently sitting at 985 FOP members. Let’s be the lodge that puts us over 1,000. The members of the state lodge anticipate that there will be more legislation proposed in an effort to further lower protections for law enforcement and take away opportunities for law enforcement to prosper. We have to be vigilant and make our voices heard if this happens. Everyone be safe and have a great weekend.

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