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Supervisor committee candidates

So far the following supervisors have put their names forward for consideration to form the first FOP Nevada C.O. Lodge 21 Supervisors bargaining committee. Keep in mind these are the names that have been submitted to me. There may be others who are interested, who may show up to the meeting to be considered for these 5 positions. I would certainly like more choices for everyone to discuss. We certainly need more than 4, but if this is all that are willing to submit their names, we will have to reduce the committee to 3, instead of 5. This is done for purposes of committee votes, so that there cannot be a deadlock. If you know of a good candidate, please have them send me an email so that I can circulate their names for consideration.

Sgt. Robert "Bob" Ashcraft-HDSP

Sgt. Jason O'Dea- LCC

Lt. Keith Mckeehan- HDSP

Lt. Jonathan Rivera-HDSP

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