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Last night, February 8th, 2024, a group of inmates at Pioche Conservation Camp became unruly. The PCC Officers reported the disruption. Our Brothers and Sisters from Ely loaded up some vans. The brave Ely Officers dealt with a foot of snow on the roads to PCC and upon arrival the disruptive inmates were decisively dealt with. Overall close to 20 inmates were invited back to Maximum Security, which they gladly accepted... Order was restored at the camp and I am happy to report there were no Officer injuries. FOP would like to recognize our ESP Brothers and Sisters who professionally and decisively restored order at the camp. Thank you to the Ely crew for making us Proud!!! I have visions of the A-Team arriving on the scene and bad guys running away. No one will convince me that it didn't happen that way!!!

-President Lunkwitz

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