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The Right to Remain Silent

Brothers and Sisters I am hearing a troubling trend with IG Investigators and AG Investigators. I want all of you to be advised that if you are to be questioned by either type of investigator, and they deny you a union representative or a representative of your choice, you are under no obligation to speak with them. If you are a covered member of FOP, you have coverage that will provide an attorney to be present.

Let me explain why you have no obligation to speak to them. If they are performing a Criminal Investigation, your Peace Officer/Garrity Rights do not apply. However, even as a witness you could and should realistically be concerned about incriminating yourself. If you think for a second they will refrain from going on a fishing expedition, because they are professional and ethical, I'm here to tell you otherwise. Not all of the investigators are bad, but there are enough who do not have any restraint when crossing ethical lines that you should not put yourself in a bad position.

So once again, if they do not allow you to have a union representative present, my advice is to observe your right to remain silent. If they tell you that they are performing a criminal investigation, request your attorney to be present, then observe your right to remain silent until you can have the assistance of an attorney. There is no reason to potentially jeopardize your freedom over a job. Be safe and take care of each other.

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