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Uniform deadline extended **update**

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

***I have put links on the store page with the sizing charts I found online. I recommend you try on uniforms in person, if you have never purchased the brands online.***

To all of our members, I am happy to see all of those who have submitted orders for uniforms so far. We are going to extend the deadline for all of you to submit your orders until Sunday October 15th at midnight. This is for two reasons, one we have had a ton of new members join over the past week and a half. Two, the patches that the NDOC shipped to me did not include chevrons. The C/O chevrons are en route, but so far I have no update on the other ranks. Please be patient as this is our first order and we will need to iron out a few wrinkles. The good news is this extension gives you all more time to get your orders in. So far we have saved officers thousands of dollars on uniforms. We are also looking to get jackets, hats, and beanies up and running for you to order in the near future. Be safe and take care of each other.

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News story HDSP


Will the BDU tops have the chevrons on the collars?

Replying to

Thanks brother. I’ll make sure the chevrons are there


Is it possible to get uniforms for females? Also, the T-shirts are not small enough. 

Replying to

I did ask about that with the vendor originally. I will definitely ask again.

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