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Brothers and Sisters, it gives me great joy to announce we just hit 1,000 current members in Lodge 21!!! This has been a coveted benchmark for our team for quite some time. We would like to thank every single one of you for putting your faith and trust in our team. Together, our members and our team have worked together to achieve lofty goals that no one thought possible.

Look at where we came from, 25-30 members in December of 2019. We worked and strived for a lodge that would protect members with a second to none legal defense plan. We pushed for collective bargaining and once we got it we delivered a CBA that no one thought we could. We are nearing our first negotiation for supervisors in July, to give them a CBA. We have established relationships with legislators and we are working on writing bills that will be written into law to make Nevada a better state for law enforcement. Brothers and Sisters the sky is the limit for Lodge 21 and I am proud to be your President!

I have to personally thank my entire team. 90% of the work we do will not be seen until you look at the results. This isn’t a fast moving process and I could not do what I do without our wonderful team. Your resilience and willingness to stay in the fight day in and day out are truly an inspiration to me, when I get fatigued.

I have to send out a special thanks to the original 4 who helped create this lodge with me after a conversation in my backyard. Bob Ashcraft, Dshamba Prater, Jose Navarrete, and Aaron Dicus. Without you four, the roads never would have been paved for the path we find ourselves today. Today I am excited for the future, but without looking at the past, we cannot truly appreciate where we are.

Take a moment today and please thank all of our FOP team members and any former team members who got down in the mud with us to fight the good fight. You are all so dearly appreciated by me and will always hold a special place in my heart.


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Thank you so much


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