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We’re coming to Ely!

FOP will be in Ely to talk with ESP Officers and tour the yard. We will be in the gatehouse on Friday evening and Saturday morning for shift change. Then Saturday we will be touring the facility and getting to know the issues that ESP Officers face. Then Saturday evening July 1st, we will have a meet and greet for officers to get to know us better. Come out and learn why so many other officers have joined FOP. Have some drinks and food on us!!! All our members help us spread the word and come out to share your experiences with your coworkers.

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S. Alleman
S. Alleman
Jun 28, 2023

Do we have an update copy of the CBA, i am hearing a few things were changed and removed from when it was in front of the executive board. Or is that the signed approved copy because i have that.

Heard the the extra 5% for CERT or other special have been removed but working at ESP there is a lot of people that love to spread rumors.

Replying to

I hope to have it all resolved tomorrow or the next day. As soon as we have the final copy it will be circulated. By the way are you a member? Seems like a lot of involvement on our website for someone who is not a member of FOP…

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