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We suffer in silence

Brothers and Sisters, I am calling on all of you and any family, friends, or coworkers that can show up on April 11th, at 9 am as a show of support. What we want the Interim Finance Committee(IFC) to approve is funding to build a peer support program for our officers.

We have all known someone who has suffered with the traumas of this career. Most of us have been that person at one time or another. We all feel that there is nowhere to turn. There are no safe spaces where we can share the darkness that we carry around. This movement throughout the country to build peer support programs for law enforcement, is vital to our well being. Now it's FOP's turn to lead the way in Nevada!!!

Be a part of history and show up on the 11th, if you're off of work at 9 am that day. In Las Vegas, the meeting will be at the Grant Sawyer Building, room 4401. In Carson City, the video conference will be in the legislative building, room 4100. Anyone who wishes to make public comments can do so at the beginning of the meeting. The comments are limited to 2 minutes, but you can also submit a written statement of support via email. If you would like to send a statement, reach out to me and I will send you the email address.

I hope to see as many of you there as possible. Let's flood the meeting with support and make our voices heard!!!

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What is a peer support group and what does it entail? I’ve never had this anywhere I’ve worked before. If it will help staff, I’m all for it. I’ll write an email.

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This is a start. There is literally no officer wellness policies. Every policy that is supposed to be for us is used against us and never benefits the officers. All policies are for the supervisors to make sure there is a warm body in a post or for the inmates so that they can come out and have recess and gamble and make sure there mentally well being is cared for. There is so much undiagnosed depression, anxiety and ptsd in the ranks of the officers but it will never be considered and if ever brought up it will be jokingly laughed away. There are so many petty policies and policies that are do as I say not as do…

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Exactly, that’s why this is so important. DD Shea is in full support of building this program the right way. With the state and FOP on board, we hope to make this a huge success!

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