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FOP Brother needs help

Please consider donating blood if you are A+. One of our Brothers from North Las Vegas needs our help. Hello All, Apparently North Las Vegas Police Officer Phillip Schmidt had a medical episode and is

Lodge meeting reminder

tomorrow at 9 am pacific time, we will hold our monthly lodge meeting. We will be announcing our latest FOP Hero award recipient and reviewing outstanding negotiation demands. With the supervisors neg

News story HDSP


Sep 13, 2023

Funny how the department neglected building maintenance for so long with deferred maintenance. Where does all the money go when it comes to maintaining state property? And it’s not just buildings and locks mind you it’s also the motor pool as well not being maintained in proper fashion. I worked in the dorms the other night at sdcc on overtime and found out the AC hasn’t been working for the last two months and they have set up swamp coolers to help cool the dorms down. While it’s a bandaid for keeping the offenders cool we are posted in one of the hottest parts of the country and causes tensions to rise with the inmates in my opinion. Why the…

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