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Who let the dogs out?

Cheesy I know, anyway today I am told that the Director followed through on his word to bring dogs on the yard at SDCC. The drug detection K-9 units hit on 4 cells in unit 6. Keep in mind these K-9's are trained for a specific substance. They do not alert to all substances. There will be further discussions on getting dogs on all of the yards to combat the drug issues. In addition the Director invited FOP reps from the south to be there next week when the company reps set up the drug detection scanner for mail. The scanner is set to be delivered to SDCC next week and staff will be trained on how to use it properly. I also had a conversation with DD Williams this morning where he expressed the administration's concern for staff. While he admitted that there were mistakes made with how unit 6 was handled, he did wish to specifically address the idea that certain medical treatments would not be given to officers. He assured me that there will be no delay or denial of treatment to save officers in emergency situations. Just an update for you all, I did advocate for all of you that expressed displeasure in the way this was all handled(lockdown,etc.). They do want you all to know they care about you and your safety. I reminded them to look at things from the perspective of officers, who do not have all of the information that they do. Keep in mind that there are a lot of moving parts to this, but I get the impression that while they made mistakes, they genuinely are taking steps to attack this drug problem.

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29.11.2023 г.

If the State is willing, the K-9s from the Indiana training facility that trains Law Enforcement, FBI, Military, Security, etc have duel purpose and single purpose, just tossing it out there.

Also, just an idea if possible since we all as Officers work together and respond to one anothers units in emergency situations, what if we can get narcan in the bubbles? If we can respond right then and there to hopefully save our fellow brothers or sisters in the immediate time of need.

If there's anything I can do to help, I am willing as my background was technical in my prior job.

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