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Would you pay for someone else?

Updated: Oct 8

Simple questions, would you pay for your neighbors power bill? Would you want to pay your mechanic to fix someone else's car? Would you pay your attorney to represent someone else? I ask these questions in jest, because I'm pretty sure the answer is no to all of them. Now would you pay your union to benefit a non union member who is not paying dues? I have had more discussions with non members, who expect us to serve them without joining our union, than I can remember. So for all the tourists that want the same benefits as those of you who joined our family and pay dues, ask yourselves all of the above questions. Keep that in mind the next time you feel that sense of entitlement that compels you to expect us to work for you without joining. We serve our members, period. Non members already receive a huge benefit from the CBA negotiated on behalf of everyone. We have close to 700 of you so far that put your faith and trust in us to protect and serve the best interests of all of our members. Talk to your coworkers, ask them if they would pay someone else's bills. We are not welfare, we are not unemployment, and we do not have government funding to pay for the lodges' bills. This is not to diminish the need for "GOVERNMENT FUNDED" programs like I mentioned, but that is not how unions operate or get funded. If you are a non member reading this, this is not a personal attack on you. This is a call for you to exercise common sense in your expectations.

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