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Your opinion on the new bill

Read the bill and then attach your opinion. have Your say I didn’t hold back at all. My submission is below.

The bill is AB 1 and here is what I had to say:

This bill is a complete joke! Our insurance premiums have gone up $130 a month, you want to take away annual leave that we have earned, and you want to reduce our pay by 4.6%. All the while you hypocrites are not taking cuts. Making marginal increases to mining tax, alcohol tax, and gaming tax as well as a significant increase to Marijuana tax, would more than account for the $66 million you are trying to cut from employees. Meanwhile, you are receiving $1.25 billion from the CARES act and $400 million from the rainy day fund. How can you be so incompetent that you can’t cover a shortfall that is $1.3 billion? Even Sisolak should be able to add these figures together and get $1.65 billion. Open our state back up, give state employees a raise, and call it a day

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Well said brother Ward! Thank you for taking the time to submit a thoughtful opinion to the legislature.


My post on AB1,

This Bill is disturbing, to Listen to elected officials continue to say "we will get through this together", the only togetherness I see in this bill is the willigness by those elected leaders to destroy the lives of state employees. I advise every Nevadan not just state employees to pay attention and remember the name of every Legislator that vote in favor of this Bill becauses as a Nevadan It is the services that are provided to your communities that will be impacted, as a state worker it's your job, your families source of income that these offficials have chosen to be sacrificial, yet Nevadans are on the hook for 750 million that we gave t…


Submit it on the link so they hear your opinion.

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