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Your opinion on the new bill

Read the bill and then attach your opinion. have Your say I didn’t hold back at all. My submission is below.

The bill is AB 1 and here is what I had to say:

This bill is a complete joke! Our insurance premiums have gone up $130 a month, you want to take away annual leave that we have earned, and you want to reduce our pay by 4.6%. All the while you hypocrites are not taking cuts. Making marginal increases to mining tax, alcohol tax, and gaming tax as well as a significant increase to Marijuana tax, would more than account for the $66 million you are trying to cut from employees. Meanwhile, you are receiving $1.25 billion from the CARES act and $400 million from the rainy day fund. How can you be so incompetent that you can’t cover a shortfall that is $1.3 billion? Even Sisolak should be able to add these figures together and get $1.65 billion. Open our state back up, give state employees a raise, and call it a day

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