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4th Quarter Meet and Confer HDSP

The Meet and confer is coming up next week on Wednesday 12-9-20 at 9 am and I would like any input you all may have on issues that need to be addressed. we have to submit our issues and solutions by Friday 12-4-20. Some of the issues I have in mind are as follows:

1. ports in the control rooms not big enough to shoot the launchers down into the office or sallyport.

2. Addressing in real time, the immediate concerns of staff when inmates show hostility towards staff. 3. Promotional Interviews- the idea of bringing in outside agency staff to sit on the interview boards. using the evaluations and letters of commendation as a tool in choosing qualified supervisors. Also a follow up communication with applicants to inform them how they can improve for future opportunities.

4. Performance evaluations- they should be more personal and thorough, instead of the meets standard score straight down.

please submit any additional items you would like discussed. these items must be HDSP only, not things that need addressed by the NDOC as a whole. If you would like to attend the meet and confer, FOP can have 4 representatives. Usually Ash and I attend. If you would like to attend or if you have an issue that you would like discussed, please leave a comment to tell us below. Thanks and be safe.


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