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Bargaining update and state lodge meeting

First off some FOP news. During the State Lodge quarterly meeting this morning, I was nominated for and voted into the 2nd Vice President position with the State Lodge. Now that I am a state board member we will need a state Lodge trustee to take my place for the same position. We discussed the National FOP conference, which takes place in Las Vegas this August. The event package which includes a show and a couple live music events will be $160 for delegates. I reported on our lodges recent victory and other business.

As for bargaining, I had a meeting yesterday with the Labor Relations Unit and Adam Levine. We are scheduled to do our negotiations from April 3rd through April 14th. The LRU is requesting that we submit a list of shop stewards from each institution so that officers have a point of contact. They also assured me that there will no longer be union dues taken out of bargaining unit I checks. They also intend to refund the previous dues payment for the last paycheck.

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