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Denied an exemption? Given a LOR?

If you have been denied an exemption or given an LOR, send an email with a full description of what took place to: then makes sure you file an appeal and a legal defense claim via our legal defense page link. If you have the card, call the number on the back, 18668573276 Time to fight back!!

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Good day,

Today I received denials form the NDOC of both of my COVID-19 accommodation request. The notice states there is an option to “reconsider” the decision….done by the same individual who denied it in the first place. I suggest that you exhaust all avenues. I can not direct you what to say, however here is my email omitting certain names.

Good Morning Sharla Bennett;

On Thursday, November 11, 2021 at approximately 05:55 a.m., I officer _____________ assigned to High Desert State Prison (HDSP) was served by _____________ two denial letters on NPD-87 forms for both my religious and medical accommodations. There were no reason(s) or basis stated for the denials. The instructions at the bottom of the denial …

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