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Let’s reach out to our politicians to let them know how we feel.

the two links at the top are links to US Senators from the state of Nevada. Below them there are two lists of email addresses. First state Senators and second state assemblaymen/assemblywomen. Write a message then copy and paste the entire list of Senators and the assembly and send your email to them telling them how you feel about the State of Nevada Balancing the Budget on the backs of state employees again. Reach out to your friends and family to write messages, lets tell the politicians how state workers should not be treated to furloughs and pay cuts as a reward for braving the COVID 19 pandemic. Let them hear you. Maybe let’s try and use professional language, but don’t hold back at all.

President Lunkwitz Senator Correz-Masto

Senator Rosen

State of Nevada Senate

Nevada Assembly

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