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Mitchell Update

Good evening Brothers and Sisters. I spoke with Brother Mitchell’s Aunt tonight. I expressed to her that quite a few officers have asked me how they can help out the family. She was very thankful for all of the support shown by all of us. She said that she would Keep me updated as the family figures out what needs to be done. She is the only one that lives in Las Vegas, but his family members will be arriving soon. I think when things get set we will have some direction, but if you would like to be a part of providing food, packing his things, or setting up for services, etc. Just leave a comment saying you would like to help. If anyone has any ideas of things we can do or get started on, please also leave your suggestions in the comments. As tasks come up I will get in touch with those interested in helping out. Thank you! Take care of each other, and be safe.

President Lunkwitz

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Thank you brother and sister Leavitt.


Unknown member
Aug 06, 2020

Me and my hubby, the Leavitt’s would like to help in any way we can.


Thank you Brother Barth.


Unknown member
Aug 05, 2020

I would like to help. I’m out of town til Saturday. Just let me know what I can do.

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