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Officer stabbed

One of our Lodge members was stabbed in the head at HDSP. Brother Glean sustained injury that I have been told will require stitches. i do not know which hospital he is at as of now, but we will support him in any way we can. Once we know, we will see what we can do to help our brother.

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This is one of those terrible moments that we all dread to hear about or be a victim to, but is also a moment we need to understand that we must be consistently vigilant and aware of the life threatening element to the job we have agreed to take on to protect the community of Nevada. Thankfully our brother Glean will physically be OK, and a big Thank you to F.O.P leadership and members for visiting our brother at the hospital and being able to communicate to us he is doing OK, it is moments like this when we can see a union of brotherhood matters, nobody talks about these incidents on the news but we get consistent coverage o…


Glad he is doing ok.


Awful situation. Prayers go out to Glean. Knowing Glean and his work ethic and his customary inclination to routinely work two shifts a day, I am sure he is looking for some way to get a hospital room were he can watch an inmate on overtime while getting himself treatment at the same time.


Unknown member
Nov 29, 2020

This angers me so much. Please let us know if me and my husband can help in any way... enough is enough 😡

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