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PEBP Meeting tomorrow to raise the cost of Insurance. PERS TRYING to raise cost of PERS.

Above is the link for the meeting tomorrow December 16th at 8am. I will be working, but I implore those of you who are not to join the meeting via the call in and voice your opposition to any increases to our benefits. My suggestions would be to cite the lower costs to county and city workers in the same field for benefits. Also the lower contribution rates to PERS for the same type of workers compared to us. In our field, we make far less money, but pay higher premiums for insurance and a higher percentage of our wages for PERS. This is catastrophic for retention of qualified employees as well as to the current workforce who are trying to survive and provide for our families during this pandemic. Don’t hesitate to include personal input, but be mindful of the 2 minute limit on public comments. Write down your key points and hit them concisely in a fluid statement. Proudly identify that you are a member of FOP, as we are proud to have our members speak up. Remember this affects all of us, so speak up and the more voices, the more difficult to ignore.

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