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Put up or shut up time

The attached document is a grievance to be filed with AFSCME, so that they have to represent you in the realm that they have control over. If you are planning on refusing the shot, if you are vaccinated and support freedom of choice, or if you are pro-vaccine, but oppose this mandate, fill out the attached grievance and submit it to every single steward on the stewards link and through NEATS. You will have to personalize it to include your name and info. Also in the portion that says respondent v. State of Nevada, etc., you need to change respondent to your name. This is the time to step up if you want to fight for yourself and your fellow employees who are terrified of the prospect of losing their jobs as a result of this action by the Governor.


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Unknown member
Sep 15, 2021

Is it ok to add to this form? I found some information that I believe to be important and should be included, it refers to violating the Nuremberg Code and natural immunity...

Three key concerns: first, informed consent is the guiding light of all medicine, in accord with the Nuremberg Code of 1947; second, the Americans with Disabilities Act proscribes, punishes and penalizes employers who invasively inquire into their employees' medical status and then treat those employees differently based on their perceived medical status, as the many AIDS related cases of decades ago fully attest; and third, international law, Constitutional law, specific statutes and the common law of torts all forbid conditioning access to employment, education or public accommodations…

Replying to

These are all good points to add to your grievance if you like.


Thank you so much for this bro. Retired and still coming through for us. This is huge.

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