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SDCC Officers

Brothers and Sisters that work at SDCC, when you read the new memo for shift change and count, make sure you follow it to the T. Get to your unit right at 0500, 1300, 2100. Do a thorough stand up count and claim every second of overtime when you are going off shift. Do not leave early, do not skimp on count, and do not let a single inmate stay lying down in their bunks. Make sure you call for a supervisor if you have an inmate refuse to stand up. Do not deviate in any way from the new procedure. This will be a comical event. I can't wait to see what they do with officers who are on a double. Be duly advised they have to give you 8 hours off between shifts, so if you work til 5:30am on a double, they have to give you 30 minutes of release time/admin leave so that your next shift doesn't start til 1:30pm. I will post the pictures of the memos on our Facebook page. The website is having format issues so I cannot post them here.


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