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We are not alone!

The union President, John Catanzara is an FOP Union President who Ashcraft and I shook hands with in Indianapolis. Great guy, who supports Corrections. Check out this article.

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Our Retired brother

Anyone who has worked around SDCC during the last 25 years has likely had the pleasure of working with Officer Carl Arnold. During my time at SDCC I remember him running K-Gate most of the time. He wa

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Good evening brothers and sisters. Tonight multiple officers put me in a situation where I was stuck in a pitch black sallyport with twelve inmates .....left to fumble through at least ten keys to find the right one......all the while trying with negative results to get clearance to escort the inmates from a to b from a yard tower co who was clearly useless. Thanks to 112 by the way for being awake. Are we actively trying to get each other killed? You can't make this SH!$ up!!! I'm all about calling out gebronis above sco level who break real world laws......but it's time for us to start taking care of each other too. And by the way every tim…

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