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Rest of the uniform order

Ok I just spoke with the vendor and they informed me that the rest of the items, minus a couple propper uniform pieces have been sent to shipping and should go out today or tomorrow! That means by ear


I have no control over what they decide to air or discuss in the stories. I have mentioned all of those things in the appropriate interviews. I even followed up with 3 reporters yesterday further illustrating the differential in pay with a real officers numbers, in relation to PERS. if it were my choice, they would air each 15-20 minute interview in its entirety, but that’s not how news broadcasts work. I am happy for the things we are getting in the news, so far.


They also didn't mention that 22.75% of that goes directly to PERS. They should have used the employer only rate, which would be the most comparable, since other departments pay their employees' PERS contributions; which would put our starting salary at $37,918. Over $22,000 less than the city of Las Vegas.

While we are on staffing issues, a report on the amount of mandatory overtime would be good to bring to the publics attention, and the fact that officers are "volunteering" just so they can pick their spot and not work 16 hours in lockdown, or to work their Thursday so as not to get hit on their Friday.

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