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Question on exemption form

I asked an attorney if employees had to answer all of the questions on the religious exemption form and the following is the response.

Probably, yes. But it should be easy to answer. Claim conversion to Christian Science, or object to all vaccines because of the use of fetal cells etc etc.

The accommodation should be weekly COVID testing as a condition of working in paid status, and that the accommodation should last until the Delta variant is no longer causing significant cases/hospitalizations.

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RE: the accommodation . 1) Per the DOL they were already supposed to be paying For the covid screenings and testing2) the fetal cell are not in the vaccine, but they were used for research and development. 3) The accommodation should be lifetime unless you switch religions beliefs ,at which point they may alleged you faked this one things like testing maybe challenged later as an undue hardship as is done under ADA. 4) Currently there are multiple variations of the COVID virus, and like several more to come in the near future, possibly avian flu which can be considered a covid virus. If you limit this accommodation to covid-19, expect to revisit this process again.

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