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Your Legal Defense Benefits

With all that’s going on right now in the NDOC as well as the rest of the country, I feel it necessary to tell you all that your Legal Defense Benefits are there for you to use when you are noticed for an investigation. This includes witness interviews. Be aware that if you go into a witness interview and are unprotected, you can make mistakes by talking about subjects not within the scope of a witness investigation. This is the whole reason for taking your choice of attorney with you. There are around 10 plan attorneys in Las Vegas, and 13 in the state if one is too busy, like Adam Levine gets from time to time, there are other qualified attorneys available like Peter Angulo as an example. Brothers and Sisters do not go into an interview unprotected. This is the biggest expense of the monthly dues that we all pay for, use it. On our Lodge 21 website under the legal defense page is our Legal Defense Claim Form. If you have an incident that you think may result in an investigation, fill one out. If you get noticed for an interrogation, fill one out immediately. This will assist in getting your claim processed and giving the attorney that you choose, a claim number for billing purposes. We are working on setting up a workshop with one of our plan attorneys to come meet with our Lodge and give some training on what to expect during an interview, what to say during certain circumstances, and overall Peace Officer Rights. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on what is covered and what is not. Be safe everyone.

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29 de jul. de 2020

Peter is actually pretty good and on point from my experience with him.

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