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AFSCME wants to limit your right to choice.

FYI, On May 18th, 2020 AFSMCE Local 4041 filed an Amicus Brief with the EMRB attempting to take away your legislatively approved rights under NRS 289 titled Peace Officer Bill of Rights (nationally, some of the strongest protected peace officer rights) including the right to choose whom can represent you in grievances, hearings, and investigations. This is a one sided attempt to seize and undermine your rights. This does nothing to protect a single Nevada Peace Officer. The National FOP and another association responded with briefs to counter AFSCME's attempted power grab. Ask AFSCME members why they would want to interfere and take away your rights after decades of legislative lobbying efforts to secure theses rights for you? Don’t believe it? These briefs are posted towards the bottom of the know your rights section on our homepage. Spread the word to your fellow officers.

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